Portfolio 04

AlpineĀ  Glow Collection.

Portfolio 04

Alpine Glow Collection.

Sublime would be an understated word to describe the varied landscape of the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. The trail from Lauterbrunnen to Oberhornsee is full of surprises at every turn, being left in awe of the sheer beauty that is found at an elevation of almost 7000 feet.

It is quite remarkable in what you can achieve if you continually push the boundaries of your body and mind. 5 hours in and as we keep ascending up the Oberhornsee trail, we feel the grueling pain, and the endless counts of exhaustion telling us to give up, but through the pain brings many rewards.

Rewards are given from nature herself, the alpine glow illuminating the snow-capped peaks, and the thundering sound of avalanches racing down the valley, sending shivers through your spine.

As night draws in, the galaxies above suddenly open, showcasing the glorious world of the night skies above. And as we lay thinking about the pain and exhaustion from earlier in the day, those feelings are soon dissolved as we watch the night sky give us a full showing of shooting stars stretching high above the peaks of the beautiful swiss alps.

Below is my portfolio of images from my time in the French and Swiss alps in 2019.