Close to home.

Over the last couple of years I have been photographing my local wildlife within Derbyshire and in particular, the brown hares.

Brown hares are generally nocturnal, however, during spring they become completely opposite and can be seen throughout most of the day. Having photographed these wonderful mammals on a regular basis on my local patch, I would love for you to join me on this great one day workshop. I will teach you the necessary fundamentals in photographing these brown hares and give you tuition and guidance throughout.

Photographing brown hares in the late spring sunshine is a great pleasure.

The details.

This workshop will be split into two sessions. The morning session which will then be followed by lunch. Following on will be the late afternoon session.

Experience needed?

This workshop is aimed at beginners to intermediate level photographers.


As this workshop caters for no more than two people I will be available at all times to ensure you get the best out of your time photographing the hares.

I will give you guidance on a variety of techniques and discuss other technicalities such as exposure and composition.


If you are using a crop sensor camera body then a 300mm lens and a converter will be more than adequate, however, if you have a lens within the 400mm to 500mm focal length you will be sure to get frame-filling portraits of the hares.

Spare camera batteries and sd cards are most advisable as we will be out for the duration of the day.

Additional Information

* As with the weather in the UK, please make sure you bring adequate clothing for the day.

* Wearing dark coloured items such as camouflage if you have it is best suited on this workshop.

* Staying hidden is essential in making the most out of this workshop so if you have any camouflage scrim to cover up your camera and lens please do bring this along.

Prices and dates.

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£250 per day – 1-2-1 basis.

£200 per day – 1-2-2 basis.


Friday 24th May – Saturday 25th May

Friday 31st May – Saturday 1st June

Friday 7th June – Saturday 8th June

Friday 21st June – Saturday 22nd of June

More dates are available, if you have a date in mind please get in touch to discuss at

What’s included in the price?

* Photographic tuition and guidance by myself

What’s not included?

* Lunch