Rwanda Gorilla's

I am partnering with the incredible safari footprints on what is going to be an incredible weeks journey into the rainforests of Rwanda during May 2020.

One of a portfolio of eight life-changing, purposeful journeys to offer guests a unique and privileged, behind the scenes conservation and community projects run by the wonderful safari footprints.

Over the last six years, the conservation work within the Virunga massif has paid dividence in the great rise in numbers of mountain gorillas. In 2010 their numbers were at 480, but six years later is 2016 their numbers were up to 604. Now you have the opportunity to join us photographing these incredible primates.

Meet the stunning primates of the Virunga Massif!

The details.

The Albertine Rift is perhaps the richest location in Africa both for mammal and bird diversity. It is also one of the three locations in Africa that are most important for primate diversity and conservation.

On this journey…

– You will see two great ape species including the endangered mountain gorilla and the chimpanzees.

– Help habituate chimpanzees for sensitive future tourism

– Gain crucial insights into the conservational work and Albertine rift endemism from local conservators.

– Help reforest Afro-alpine habitat.

There are two species of gorilla found in Africa, the western gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) and the eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei).

The eastern gorilla also consists of two subspecies, the well-known mountain gorilla (G. b .beringei) of Uganda and Rwanda, and the eastern lowland gorilla (G. b. graueri) of the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Be surrounded by wildlife in all its glory.

Day 1 – 1st of May

Road transfer from Kigali to Bisate Lodge

Day 2 – 2nd of May

Day 2 will involve a Gorilla trek and an overnight stay at Bisate Lodge (Kinigi). We will also participate in an evening lecture on gorilla social dynamics, and the requirements for park expansion.

Day 3 – 3rd of May

On day 3 we will drive along the shores of Lake Kivu, leading on to an afternoon outing on bat roost situated on Nyamunini Island. After we will spend the night at the Cormoran Lodge (Kibuye).

Day 4 – 4th of May

With an early morning drive to Gishwati for a hosted chimpanzee trek and insight into Forest of Hope Association, which is a community-based conservation. Followed by a tour of Karisoke Research Exhibit and overnight stay at the Bisate Lodge (Kinigi). Evening lecture on Dian Fossey and DFGFI

Day 5 – 5th of May

Hosted trek to the Dian Fossey grave with the afternoon spent with the Bisate community. Overnight stay at Bisate Lodge (Kinigi) followed by an evening lecture on community reach.

Day 6 – 6th of May

Day 6 will include another gorilla trek with the overnight stay at Bisate Lodge (Kinigi).

Day 7 – 7th of May

We will depart the Bisate lodge heading to Kigali by road and onward arrangements.

For more information and pricing on this fantastic trip please email me at and I will send you over the mini brochure at your request.




Meet the locals of Rwanda and delve into a different culture.